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Vestibule Marketing Limited was founded in 2006 as “e-HotelServices Limited”.  It was founded by Iselin Skogland, and has been privately funded, owner operated and has grown upon our success year-on-year.

The company started as a two-person consultancy, providing eMarketing services to hotels and resorts. The main focus was to drive more direct traffic in order to lower the mounting costs on the hospitality sector of distributing through OTAs.  Through SEO, website and booking engine implementations and careful revenue management we bring our clients return on investment on our services in the thousands of percent.

As our client base expanded, it became clear that the solutions in the market place for online booking engines and affordable, yet advanced PMS’s were not adequate to meet client demand.  In close collaboration with our existing clients at the time, we decided to include another service to our portfolio – the Elina Hospitality Management Suite.

The Elina Hospitality Management Suite (Elina PMS) has been completely designed and developed from the ground up by Vestibule Marketing. It is a web-based management system that includes an advanced website booking engine and all the back-office tools to run a full-service hotel, serviced apartment or resort.  Our team of hospitality professionals used their marketing and revenue background (and the input of our initial clients) to make sure that Elina could deliver on its primary purpose; provide an easy-to-use, reasonable yet powerful sales and management tool in order to drive more direct bookings.  Over the years, Elina has become a respected product in the industry – servicing serviced apartments as well as resorts and hotels.  Elina is provided under the “software as a service” model, and is continuously developed with new features and functionality delivered regularly.

Elina was initially developed under the company name – Vestibule Solutions Ltd.  The company owners and directors were the same as that of e-HotelServices.  Once Elina development was complete and product had started to rapidly grow its customer base, it was officially acquired by e-HotelServices Ltd merged as one company under the new name, Vestibule Marketing Limited.

Our founder, Iselin Skogland still holds the reigns of the company through her position as Chairman of the Board.  Our managing director, Christopher Lovold and director of accounts, Siggi Schrot also hold shares in the company and contribute to the aggressive growth through re-investment and sales success.

While we currently have no external investment in the company, the board of directors are continuously exploring what avenues will most effectively grow the company and its global reach. 

Elina Pms

A beautifully designed Property management system

Elina Hospitality Management Suite (Elina PMS) allows you to focus on maximising revenues whilst delivering the best possible customer service with no special interfacing or complicated installations. Elina makes the day-to-day running of your business a breeze and helps take your mind off the technology and back to service delivery!

Our digital marketing team works to provide hotels, resorts and serviced apartment companies with more guests. Working exclusively within the hospitality industry, we understand your business and the industry as a whole, and as such are able to provide an unmatched service that increases both your revenue and brand awareness.