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Everyone knows the Concierge. She knows the best bars, the best restaurants and she can always point you in the right direction. Our Elina Concierge team know some pretty cool places to eat, but their real skill is being there for YOU.  The Elina Concierge team is our customers' "right hand man". We are at your service. While we are good at helping with Elina operations, our real ticket is cashed in when we help our customers with operational or strategic decisions - how can we help you make your business better or simply help your team make their day go by with more fun and happiness!


Service at the heart
As we offer our Elina Hospitality Management reservation software under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, we don’t just give it to you in a box and wish you on your merry way. Our concierge team will guide you through every process, from set up and training to implementation and your go-live date- the support network that underpins our online booking system will always be there to help you out.

Strategic partner
It’s not just technical support either. Our Elina concierge team will provide you with ongoing assistance, recommending best practises, giving you ideas for rates or promotions to make sure that you are using the Elina online booking system to its full potential.

All included
The best part about it is that we don’t charge separately for it. Every minute of standard support, each email and newsletter that our concierge team send out is included in your costs. 

Excellent professional training
Should you or your team need more than what our concierge team might be able to answer or discuss with you through a normal support and follow-up session, we have professional trainers who can provide half-, full-, or multi-day sessions - either online and on-site.  Whether you need help with the more advanced aspects of Elina or you are looking for help with your operational procedures, we can provide detailed courses at very competitive daily rates.

Elina Pms

A beautifully designed Property management system

Elina Hospitality Management Suite (Elina PMS) allows you to focus on maximising revenues whilst delivering the best possible customer service with no special interfacing or complicated installations. Elina makes the day-to-day running of your business a breeze and helps take your mind off the technology and back to service delivery!

Our digital marketing team works to provide hotels, resorts and serviced apartment companies with more guests. Working exclusively within the hospitality industry, we understand your business and the industry as a whole, and as such are able to provide an unmatched service that increases both your revenue and brand awareness.